Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nearly there.....

today thankfully was not as hectic as it has been so i actually managed to have some down time and get around to a little web surfing, not that I found anything exciting, lol!!

My whinge for today is why the heck can't people say a simple thank you?? it beggars belief really.

Which reminds me....Anam I STILL have two rolls of DST sitting on my desk for you! Please email me and let me know what addy to send them to and I promise to get it done asap, oh and i'll pop a few bars of galaxy in there for you too!

How passionate are you about blossoms?? Well if you are anything like me you love them! so get yourself over to Scrapfairies and feast your eyes on the gorgeous fairy flowers! They are selling like hot cakes so be quick!

Did I mention I am doing Shimelles Christmas journal?? Well I am but I am also terribly behind :( although not with the journaling thankfully (I am doing that every day in my moleskine journal) but with the actual pages. I hope to have a chance to do a blitz this weekend and get myself up to date! We'll see ;)

Right now I need to go decide if I am going for a cycle (a static one in the garage) or sit and knit, mmmmmmm......and I leave you with an old image but one that reminds me of a glorious summer on this cold windy winters evening.

Later dudes!

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Anam_Kihaku said...

fabby chipboard flowers!! DST :) you star!! will email you later today. as for xmas journals - i havent finished last years (or was it the year before last years?)