Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Boo Hoo and more LOs

boo hoo, cause i didn't make it to the next round of MM Idol! But in a popularity contest this is unfortunalty what happens :( We, as the top 50, have discussed this at length and I don't think it has put any of us off submitting for these types of competitions in the future. It is not a reflection of our scrapping, after all we where chosen by the MM design team in the first place. BUT I must send my congratulations to the wonderful Suzanne who is through and I do hope that all the UK Scrappers will support her from here as we need to see the British talent on top!

The LO on the right is a bit tongue in cheek but one that I have been longing to create, using photos that were taken back in 1992 at the end of my final year at school. Myself and two friends went to Cape Town to stay with my mom, all we wanted to do was tan and chill after a pretty stressful year. We had such a good time, and one day we decided to get dressed up and take photos! What a laugh it was but I do wish we had thought more about the composition of the photos and of course had a digital camera!

The LO on the left is also one I have been longing to do! It's a photo of my dad, the very first one I have scrapped and it is my absolute favourite photograph of him! Last Sunday (the 4th) it was 12 years since he passed away so I thought it about time that I celebrate him rather than mourn him. And of course as a scrapper, the best way to do that was by doing a LO and having him in my album. It's a plain LO, I didn't want to take too much away from the photo which is quite busy.

Happy hump day everyone! later dudes!


suebaru said...

Love your layouts, so sorry you didn't get through MM :(

Debbie said...

Oh Caz .. I'm so sorry you didn't get through because your talent so deserves to be recognised!
Love these layouts you've done ... just gorgeous!

Anam_Kihaku said...

sorry you didnt get through. loved your layout. fabby artwork you've shown here too.

Jools said...

So disappointed you didn't get through Kaz - I registered just so I could vote for you :(

Ah well, you got through to this stage at least and deservedly so.

Look on the bright side, you can now spend all your time thinking about the wedding :lol:

Caz said...

Caz, huge crats for even making it into the Top 50, and also for submitting in the first place. Well Done.