Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I am finally getting around to scanning and uploading the LOs I have done in the last few weeks......these photos were taken last month when we had snow. The best snow I have seen since arriving in the UK so I was pretty excited! I used Chatterbox Igloo papers which are so YUMMY! The SNOW on the house LO has scanned very bright (yikes), but it does match IRL! haha.
It's also the first time I have 'clustered' my embellishments, which was so alien, but I do like the effect. Obviously I need to practice that a bit more though.
It's 25 days to the wedding and there is just so much going wrong at the moment that it's making me mad (thankfully not with the decor, flowers, catering or outfits!), although I am super excited for the actual day. Hey so long as we have food and lots of drink who cares about the rest! I can't wait for my sister to get here, I will be shoving my camera in their faces to get lots of scrapping pics, so no doubt they'll be sick of me within a few days, lol.
Rebecca should be here the weekend before the wedding so we'll have to get her dress at the same time as Nina and Chloe which is not ideal as I had hoped she would be sorted already. But at least the two littlest are done and moms outfit arrived yesterday....it is GORGEOUS! Mom you are going to love it! Stus kilt arrived last week too, did I post about it??, and it is lovely. The tartan is fab and it is so well made! I just have to unpick the tacking that is holding the pleats together and order him all the bits that go with it.
I hve an appointment with the florist tomorrow to drop of the jugs and let her see pics of the outfits I like for the girls, although they aren't confirmed, I do have ideas ;)
Ooh and I also need to take my engagement ring in to be polished next week....I will miss not having it on but I want it to be nice and shiny for the day!
Right y'all I hope you have a fabtabulous day! Keep smiling and sending me all those positive vibes, I think they are starting to work!
later dudes!

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