Monday, March 05, 2007

Positive vibes

I wonder if everyone can spare some positive vibes for me this week please. I am going from one nightmare to the other with this wedding and it seems everything I try to do goes wrong, leaving me in a right pickle! I won't elaborate cause this post will turn into a saga, but I know when it finally rights itself I will laugh :D

From 4pm today (UK time) the voting for MM idol will start up again finishing at 1am Wednesday morning. Thanks to all who voted first time round! But if I could ask you to go and cast your votes again please :) You shold be able to use the original log in details you created over at the MM Idol blog. For anyone who didn't vote or know about the competition you can catch up on all the goss in the last few posts!
My delivery of the new scenic route papers arrived on Saturday and of course I had to use it straight away! Really fab papers to work with so if you've been tempted but not sure, don't delay, pop over to papermaze and get ordering! So back to the LO, this is me in, I think, 1977 (mom can you confirm??) in my very fetching bikini! And don't you just love that bowl hair cut!! lol.
Yesterday we watched 'walk the line' which was fantastic, I really like the actor Joaquin Phoenix is turning into, and 'Nanny McFee' which is just such fun, I adore Emma Thomson and well Colin Firth is a dream boat of a man! Other than that it was a very quiet weekend.
Right i'm getting myself ready to go home, have a good evening y'all and don't forget to vote!


suebaru said...

Love love love Walk The Line!Hope all the wedding stuff pans out for you soon hun.And I voted!

Debbie said...

Oh Caz hope the wedding drama's are sorted hun.
Love this layout of you ... (I WANT those papers)... you were such a gorgeous lil' thing ..70's bikini et al.