Thursday, March 08, 2007

I absolutely love this photo of my aunt! She looks so elegant and stylish, something that she has not lost all these years. The piece of lace, papers and die cut embellishments, which are Fancy Pants - Mulberry road, I bought from Joanne at Box Room Booty. Title is cut on my cricut.

Wedding plans are on the move again, thank goodness, we had some complications which thankfully we have either sorted out or are ignoring completely, lol! I droped everything off at the florist last night and confirmed sizes etc of the bridesmaids/flower girl bouquets.

I need to go look for material at the weekend to sew up overlays for the tables, that I will probably donate to the hall afterwards. I've also ordered one or two extra bits for decoration from Forever French Interiors, which is my new favourite shop!

And now it's time to pack up and go home, it may even still be light when I get there, woo hoo, bring on the SUMMER!!

Later dudes!


Anam_Kihaku said...

beautiful layout. love the style and that photo is so elegant

Debbie said...

Oh Caz .. I love looking at your layouts .. always so beautiful and inspiring.
Glad to hear the wedding preps are back on track .. hope everything continues to run smoothly for you.

RoLo said...

i love the lay out you did for the photo. She looks gorgeous the dress is amazing

Marja said...

So... how many more days??? Is it this weekend or the last one this month?