Thursday, March 01, 2007

Yikes, poorly kitty, birthday kitty and mm idol

Oh my goodness, today is the 1st of march which means I am getting married THIS month, woo hoo!!!! Starting to get a little nervous that it will all not work out on the day, but also very excited! I have a few appointments lined up for the next 4 weeks and have a few things to pay off too ;)

My little Flo-Flo had a visit to the vet last night as she had an oozing sore on her front left paw, it turns out she's been bitten by something and it has got infected. We are unsure of what it is as the puncture wounds are very close together but my suspicion is a spider :o Poor thing had to have an injection and has anti biotics to take twice a day :( The LO on the left is an oldie but one of my best photos of her!

And my baby kitty Josh is two today....haPPy birTHday Joshie boy, lol. He has been showered with squishy hugs and kisses this morning and had a little bowl of tuna as a treat :D

Thanks to everyone who has voted for me in the MM Idol comp...........but MM have had countless issues with their voting system and it seems one of the girls LO went under another girls name so she has no votes and the other girl has two lots :D So it has been decided that all the votes will be deleted and we'll start round 1 again on Monday the 5th. If you didn't get around to voting this week, please pop over to the MM Idol Blog to register and be ready at 4pm GMT on the 5th to cast your vote!


Marja said...

woo hoo! Getting married THIS month! Yay! Don't worry too much about stuff not going right on the day... nothing you can do about it and you'll be so lost in the moment of it all that it won't be that big a deal! So long as you, Stu and the people who matter to you are there (as well as the person marrying you, lol) then the rest is just background!

Hope Flo is ok and happy meowday to Josh!

Anam_Kihaku said...

YYEAH!!! the time is come :) so pleased for you girlie :0

as for mm idol - i hope you do well. loved your layout.

Debbie said...

Oh Caz .. this month ... how blummin exciting! Everything will be fine on the day and you'll look simply gorgeous.
I have the MM voting date marked in my diary ... wishing you all the best darl' .. you so deserve to go through!