Friday, August 31, 2007 bite and grind with the teeth. Find 'chew' in your space today.

I have had such a good day today! Stu had the day off, as he needed to go get a blood test this morning, and we have been out and about :)
Straight after the docs, we went for breakfast, I had scrambled egg on toast which is my favourite, then we walked around Hitchin market, which is so fab on a Friday as it has loads of old and antique stuff. We collect old carpentry tools and found a few bits to add to our collection.
I also saw a really cool veg collecting basket, but at £6 I thought it was a bit too much, although once I get my first salary cheque I may just go back and buy it!!
After Hitchin we stopped off at Letchworth to go to the craft store as I am all out of chalk ink, and well it was a waste of time, and the ladies there weren't exactly very helpful when I asked if and when they were getting more in :(
And then we went sofa shopping, this is an absolute nightmare, cause I don't like loads of lounge furniture but we need enough seats for all the bums. Anyway we saw 2 that we like so we're having a little think.
While we were wandering around the Roaring Meg centre in Stevenage we happened across their newest store which just happens to be a HOBBYCRAFT!! Now I know it's not a 'real' scrapping store but I was so excited as I actually did manage to buy my chalk ink after all :D And they have loads of cricut cartridges, and MM stuff, which I LOVE!! and lots of the creative imaginations bare elements which again I really love. So I know where I will be going often, and it's about 5 minutes from my new office :)
Mom you will need to have a little save for stash shopping when you're here in December ;)
Tonight I am finishing off a baby jacket I made (and mom helped finish off!), so I can take it to my friends on Sunday when I get to meet their baby girl, Dillan. I can't wait :)
It's a creative world news....
Yesterday I worked on my Special Project for Saturday the 8th and I had SO much fun, I can't wait to show it ;)
Anyway supper is done so i must run.............mwhahahahahahah


Diana said...

Lovely cow! Are you ready for SPS tomorrow!!! Great news about the crafty shop! Yes I will start saving.

Angela said...

Nice shot!!