Friday, August 17, 2007

Lock and bounty

A mechanism for keeping something closed that is operated by a key. Show us a lock in your space today.
Lunch is sometimes eaten outside, picked straight off the tree and rinced under the tap.

Today I have been clearing out. I have too much clutter in my house and I feel like I am drowning in it. I started with my books. Next stop is the coat cupboard! Isn't it amazing how much we collect over the years, little things that we can't possibly throw out :) Well my challenge is to find the strength to get rid of things that just take up space and serve no purpose!
Right i'm off to do more!
haPPy frIDay!


mil lunares said...

Wow, your lock looks so antique...really cool!

Hazel said...

Yummy produce! Like the lock!

Debbie said...

I know what you mean caz - so far ive sorted and rearranged the kitchen cupboards, tidied out the dining room and sorted out the kids clothes!! Must be something in the air as once i get started too i cant stop! lol

Great lock photo and wow at the fruit you produce!!

Vanda said...

Fantastic photos, love the food ones :O)

Diana said...

Oh Caz that is a great pic and I cannot believe it's almost time to go but woo hoo we still have almost 4 days!!!

Chris said...

Wow what a gorgeous lock photo:)

Angela said...

Love your lock and like your key even more!

Angela said...

A fabulous lock and lovely photo of it :-)