Thursday, August 23, 2007

Furniture at last

White.......the palest colour and sign of purity. Find 'white' in your space today.

And finally our dining room furniture! It's made from yellowwood and emboya (hope that's spelt correctly!) 6 chairs fit around the table but as we usually only have the two of us and every second weekend the kids we put the other two chairs on the other end of the room by the wooden kist. Which incidently belonged to a carpenter and was found in very bad condition and restored to it's former glory by Stus dad many many years ago :) I am still placing the ornaments so this is not how the room looks today, lol, as last night i moved them all around again! My zebras on the very bottom of the dresser are totally hidden so they need a new home too, i'm just not sure where yet. The extension cable for the fridge is also too short to also plug the microwave in which is why in the bottom photo the wire is hanging over the tea trolley. Stuart and I sat at the table last night for dinner and didn't get up till bed time. That room is just amazing and I totally love that space! We are planning a dinner party to show it off :)

Today I have an appointment at a job agency in Hitchin so hold thumbs they have something for me, I also may have an interview next Tuesday for a job in Stevenage, which is just a hop over the A1 from us so very quick and easy to get to work :) I also may have a nero coffee while i'm there and a browse in my new favourite shop, which is just so pretty!!
Woo Hoo it's nearly the weekend!
Bye y'all


Diana said...

Guess I am first - the furniture looks GREAT. And i love the shadows on and around your candle.
Di X.

Hazel said...

Lovely pure white candle. Love the dining furniture.

Ruth said...

your dining room looks terrific. It looks very cozy and inviting to when can I drop by for dinner? LOL

Terrie said...

Good luck with the agency. That candle looks so pretty against the warmness of the table. WEll done. X

Angela said...

Great photo and LOVE the furniture.

Debbie said...

great furniture caz!! good luck with the interview!

Sue Nicholson said...

Love white candles. So pure.

That furniture certainly was worth the wait. Smashing


Aubrey Harns said...

Terrific shots. Your place looks so nice and cozy/comf. Good luck on your job interviews! I loved your picture - very smart to think of a candle!

Louise said...

Hope the appointment went well for you:)
I love white candles they are so pretty, seems a shame to burn them.

Andrew said...

Great minds think alike, Caz! I took some pics of a candle for 'white' but used a bit of wine in the end!
Good luck with the job hunting!