Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I have been taGGed twice by the lovely Kel, sorry it has taken so long to get around to this! Okay we'll start with the latest one which is I'm Not Fussy But

It's Just The Way I Like It!!

The order in which my coffee is made! Yes I can tell if it's not been made like this and although I will drink it, I won't like it very much :D So a teaspoon of coffee, a teaspoon of sugar, two splashes of milk, then the boiling water, stir and enjoy!
Um and i'm going to tag Sue, Lyzzy and Shirl!
And here is a LO that makes me smile. Photo taken at Woburn animal safari park on fathers day. I just loved the shape of the giraffe from the back!

haPPy thuRSday!!




Diana said...

Great layout! love the pp

Tracey said...

lol that giraffe lo is hilarious - thanks for putting a huge smile on my face today :)

Eleanor said...

Oh I love that LO. I always thought I was weird liking animals bums, iykwim. They're all so different. Now I know I'm not alone.