Friday, March 10, 2006

I am hopeless at updating my blog, for those who read it my apologies! I am yet to upload the bracelet I made, I will get around to it, promise!

So news: I have been published again in SI! So exciting.....I have a LO in the 1 sketch 6 LOs article AND MaryAnne did an article based on the accordian folder I made, so I have a little pic of one I made plus a quote from me about how the idea came about :)

I have been clearing out my scrap room....have way too much stuff, so put a few bits on the marketplace on UKS, have also sorted through my paper and have about 10 inches to sell :o shocking I know, but i'll never use it so I may as well sell it!

Not sure what is planned for the weekend, hopefully it won't rain!


Kirsty said...

you have been scrapping some beautiful things of late hun - well done xx

Darling - come to my blog and join in my challenge - I want to make this an international challenge. say you will scrap a 6x6 page of yourself .. please? Id love you to join in. Tell your freinds - lets liberate our beautiful selves xxx

Jules said...

Glad you've finally updated......was starting to worry you were spending this week sitting in jammies, watching csi and scrapping all day long.....loved your sketch challenge and i noticed the file folder article - well done you!!!