Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's snowing again, just not anywhere near me :( I am so upset as I hate all the snow pics I have taken this winter and I have all this great snowy chatterbox paper and no pics to scrap, bummer.......

I went through all my sticker sheets, bundled them into 'packs' and have popped them on the marketplace at UKS, not sure they will sell but anyway i'll try :)

My LO came back from SI today with a free copy of the mag which I need to send to mum, along with the last issue and some rub ons that I ordered from the US for her.

Kirsty has set us all a challenge and I am going to attempt doing my LO tonight. Really wanted to have a go last night but I had such a sore head, it was impossible to do anything. Thanks Kirky ;) (Oh and my comment on your blog yesterday made no sense at all, I said two things in one sentance and didn't complete either one, rolfmao)

CSI tonight Woo Hoo!!

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