Monday, March 06, 2006

Feeling refreshed and rested!

I had a glorious two days off! Thursday we had snow so I was so glad I was warm and cosy in the house, yes Jules I was in my jammies all day, lol! Watched CSI dvds all day and scrapped up a storm! Managed 5 LOs so was very happy. Friday was so cold but even so most of the snow melted although there are still a few patches where the sun doesn't reach. I watched a few movies and scrapped, did 4 LOs, so all in all I achieved what I set out to do. RESULT!!

Funny story........
Friday night we were due to have Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner and I had been craving it the whole day. Stu came home at about 6 with the sad news that there was a fire in the shops kitchen and there was no kentucky for dinner :( I was gutted! But he had stopped at the place next door and got us some pies, so we could have pies, chips and gravy, except the chips were finished and I am not too keen on the 'place next door'..... So anyway after a while I started planning what we could have with our pies and decided that it wasn't so bad and I mustn't be such an ungrateful old bag, the fact that he had actually made an alternate plan for dinner was good of him. So I went down stairs to watch tv and have a cup of tea and when I walked into the kitchen there it was.....the bucket of KFC, he had tricked me and I was so happy I nearly cried.....I am a simple soul, easily pleased, lol! He is my hero and I love him to bits.

Saturday was a shopping day and besides the stuff on my list I also bought some beads to make a bracelet, loved the result but am determined not to get hooked on another hobby! Will try upload a pic tonight I think I finally have this think sussed, lol. Only took me about 7 months!!

Chinese meal on Saturday night was awesome, £14.00 a head eat as much as you like...YUMMY YUM YUM, crispy duck! We also tried a bottle of chinese chardonnay, and I must say it was very good, but a bit strong, IYKWIM!

Yesterday was the stamperama show in Stevenage which Stu took me to, he really is a sweet thing. Met up with Sue from the pad and had a nice chat to her, I so love meeting up with cyber buddies. After the show we stopped off at the hermit for a beer, I haven't been to a pub for ages and it was nice to be out with no distracting tvs or pcs that we could just chat. We finished the day off with a walk to see the cows and were lucky to be there for feeding time so I got some great photos. Oh and there were lots of calves too, soooo cute!

Last night I made a start sorting my stash, I have put some things on the marketplace on UKS and had some interest already. Need to sort the paper into packs and get the sticker sheets photographed. I am not looking to replace the stuff I sell as it will take me forever to get through the stuff I am keeping, but I would like a new shelf for the office so will put the money towards that.

I have just heard that a mate from SA has a job teaching english in Brazil, way to go Clive, you will have a ball, really happy for you!


Jules said...

Caz, I'm going to stop visiting your blog if you keep reporting how you sit in jammies all day watching CSI and scrapping....not fair!!!! hope you have something else to wear at SM5

Askinstoo said...
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