Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tangy Tuesday

Well Spring is springing and I am feeling full of life! this winter has been a long one and I think what's made it worse is the fact I rarely leave the office during the day. I don't go out to get lunch, as I order from our deli, and I don't want to spend money so I steer clear of M&S, lol. But leaving home and getting home in the light makes me feel alive again so roll on SUMMER!!

We had a lovely weekend - Saturday morning we had a little shopping spree without buying anything (is that possible) but we did see a really cool bbq and looked at outside tables that are two essential buys now that we have a awesome garden to chill out in!
We also went to ASDA, now it's not my first trip to ASDA but OH MY GAWD, how cool is that shop?!?! The one we went to down in London, was a bit dingy and well put it this way I didn't really want to buy anything that wasn't sealed by the manufacturers, ie bread from them :o
But goodness this ASDA in Stevenage to totally awesome, and HUGE!! So we bought Stu some new work jeans, they get so manky so quickly in his business (wish I had a roll eye blinky to insert here), and a standing bird house feeder. I have been desperate for one for ages but really wasn't prepared to pay in excess or £25.00 for one...the one in ASDA was £9.99 and okay you have to put it together yourself but I feel good having worked on it, I even painted it with oak varnish, 3 coats. It looks cool and most importantly the birds love it! Although they have pooped all over it already ;)
On Sunday we went to John and Brendalene for lunch, it was so lovely spending the afternoon there and I took loads of photos of the girls, which I am yet to put on the laptop. Oh and on the way there we took a drive out North East of us to look at some villages and we passed a field of ewes with their lambs...oh bless them they are just too cute. I have to admit at this point that I have no memory of ever having seen a lamb :o shocking I know. So of course I had to jump out the car and proceed to take 100 photos of the little darlings in true scrapper fashion, haha. I will upload photos soon!

And today I am having my hair cut! I have been thinking about it for around 4 months now and have finally decided that I need to have it done. I fancy a change! So at the moment my hair is down to my bra strap at the back, there are a few shorter layers the shortest being just above my shoulders. I am not doing anything major, cutting it to slightly below the shoulder so I still have a bit of shape with the layers and i'm also hoping that being shorter and lighter it will curl a little more. Will take a pic tonight!

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Jules said...

Ooh can't wait to see the new hairdo Caz - you're braver than me, i can't bear anything to be cut off my hair