Friday, March 31, 2006

Woo Hoo it's ScrapManic time!!!! I can't wait till I head off this afternoon, just a few more hours, a few more things to do and i'll hit the road! I can't believe how much I have to take with me, my new tool bag, AMM tote bag, AMM mini tote, sewing machine, picturemate and laptop. My clothes bag and my handbag.

The UKS cyber crop is coming up and like the last one I am totally not interested in joining in. I hate the team/competition aspect and there are a group of people who seem to make it their own and don't include anyone who wasn't a sinner!! A few people on the Pad are feeling the the same and don't really want to get involved :( It's a shame cause we still do love UKS.
But as we have a Pad CC coming up at least we can be involved in that one :)


Unknown Scrapper said...

Wow I'm really surprised by what you've written. I was made to feel really welcome at the last UKS cybercrop and the sinners were really good fun and made me feel less of a newbie.

Delyth said...

I know what you mean but join in anyway if nothing else its an excuse for stash shopping!!

BevS97 said...

No Need to get involved in the competition aspect at all, just take what you want from the weekend, I hope to do a few classes but I probably won't be getting into the whole submitting points, doing challenges thing, I just like the idea of some inspiratin on tap.