Friday, March 17, 2006

I really wanted to updtae with pictures this week, but i've not had a chance to get onto Stus pc to resize and photos. So a pictureless update will have to do, but i'm sure you're used to it, lol.

So classes are all booked for ScrapManic5. So funny having the ScrapManic site open on the laptop and Stus pc, cause I was booking mine and Scrapdollys classes, and we had to hit the book now button at 8pm, and you have to be quick in order to get the classes that you want.
I'm doing Als crazy Paisley on Saturday morning, Debbies Stuck on you class, on Saturday afternoon and Kirstys (KEW) Gilding the Lily class on Sunday. I have always missed out on Debbies classes so very happy I have made it into one this year. My first ever SM class was with Kirsty so it will be great to do a class with her again, and she always makes such cool stuff, lol. And of course Al is such a laugh, I love her teaching style and i'm looking forward to seeing what she's come up with in the paisley class.

So as I said further up the lovely Scrapdolly, and her friend Frenchie, are going to be there, I met them last year at Bonanza so very excited about seeing them again. The one and only Kirsty (wanna-scrap?) is coming too, she is such an inspiration and I just adore her, so I can't wait to see her. Oh and i'm going to rub shoulders with her in the hope that some of her amazing talent rubs off on me, lol.

And of course seeing the lovely people that do the SM thing every year, Zenia and Kel, who make me LOL all the time. Cherry, who is a legend in the shop and stays open till midnight so we can all buy stash in our pjs. Jules, who i met last year and has the same warped sense of humour as me, haha. Lydia, the Sues, Joy, Sally, Scraprookie, June and Jo, my 'lovely room' companions! And everyone else who makes the weekend what it is. Can't wait!! Only 14 sleeps....


Jules said...

Oh've given me a mention in that long list of fabulous people best go over to my blog and gush about you now - LOL

Sally said...

My heart is broken. You aren't doing my class! Sob, sob!