Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm obsessed....

How sad am I?? I am obsessed with Brangelina!

Yes the saga that is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolies sorry love story. Now to start with let me just point out that I am a huge fan of Jennifer Anniston and have been in her camp since this whole sordid affair started.
But I have to admit to now feeling desperatly sorry for Ange, I think the poor girl is making one mistake after the next and is in a downward spiral. She has one failed marriage under her belt so who can blame her for not wanting to tie the knot just yet, but why oh why did she fall pregnant? Come on girl have you never heard of birth control? How about giving yourselves time to get to know each other, form a bond, have some time to live a little, decide if you actually want to grow old together!
Her latest issue is Jens interview on Oprah when she was quizzed about her marriage breakdown, Ange can't stand that people feel sorry for Jen and she is the victim....hang on....why the hell not! she's an actress and she makes money on her popularity and if she's in the spot light her movies will make money. So again why is she not allowed to milk the situation.
Ange has also stated she wants to live on a yacht and have no fixed address, this hasn't gone down well with Brad who wants to settle down and have a suburban lifestyle. Chalk and Cheese comes to mind, poor things are just on opposite ends when it comes to compatability.
But everything I base my feelings on is hearsay and who knows how much of it is true. At the end of the day I am spending a fortune buying these silly trashy gossip magazines whenever I see their names on the cover just so I can keep up with the Brangelina!

PS Having a baby in the very early days of a relationship is not always a bad thing and I do not judge anyone who does, My grandparents where together till death do us part and they were pregnant with my mom before they got married and very young!

PPS I have some great photos that I took this weekend so will do an update tonight (if I remember!)

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