Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Weekend update

We had a lovely time shopping in the morning, went to ASDA, my new fvourite store, lol! Then we came home and I read my book and Danni and Stu watched tv. At 4.30 we grabbed the cameras and went to the farm to see the cows being fed but after half an hour the farmer hadn't arrived and it was so cold we went to the pub for a drink, although we did get a few pics! I got this one of a bunny rabit on the way to see the cows.
Danni and I camped out in the field for a while trying to get photos of the baby bunnies but had no luck :( The storm clouds were moving in too, so it was time to go indoors

On Sunday morning I made a banana and chocolate cake, all by myself (I usually assist Stu when he makes it) and then made my way out to the garden where I proceeded to clear out a few flower beds. I had to rest mid morning and have tea and homemade *chuckle* banana and chocolate cake to keep the energy levels up and then got stuck in again. I think I was out there for about 3 to 4 hours and I tell you my legs and butt are so sore I can bearly move but I feel good that I achieved something with my weekend! The sun even came out in the afternoon and we sat out in the garden and had lunch, it was so nice to feel the grass under my feet. But all too soon the storm clouds moved in and we had to go back inside.

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Jules said...

Caz those storm clouds looked nasty......have to say the sun is shining constantly here in Vegas....almost too hot to sunbathe LOL!!!!