Wednesday, April 19, 2006

a late update

We had such a great relaxed Easter weekend it was thoroughly enjoyable. On Friday we went out and bought Stu a new bbq, he wanted a gas one so we went to a garden centre that had a good range of OUTBACK, whick is an Aussie brand. They do both gas and charcoal. After a good inspection and analysis of all they had he chose a super douper, all bells and whistles, 2 grid, with a hood bbq. On our way back home we stopped off at Homebase for an outdoor table and ASDA for the chairs and some weekend food. Of course we had to build the bbq when we got home and use it straight away, lol. I spent the afternoon taking photos of ladybirds and flowers.
On Saturday we went out to do a bit more shopping aarrgghh, the afternoon was spent scrapping, chilling and watching CSI dvds. Sunday I gardened a bit and took more photos of flowers and bunnies in our garden!
Monday was much the same, but I am happy to report I am not nearly as sore as I was after my first gardening experience, haha.

Now I am off to stroke my new basic grey Oh baby! boy papers...


debbie said...

ooh fab bbq caz!! We should get together and let the boys talk helis while we go shopping! :) lovely photos - love the detail on the ladybird.

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