Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Super duper ScrapManic5

On Friday I had a busy morning, getting myself ready for ScrapManic, I had a ton of stuff to take so of course it all had to come down the stairs and then into the car, which I had to reverse onto the back lawn to make it easier, lol. I had to also wait for the postie to bring Sarahs crocs which are still too big, aarrgghh! So I couldn't have a long relaxing bath like I wanted to do.

I left home at 1pm and had to stop for diesel and to make sure the tyres were pumped for my 50 odd mile drive down to Guildford. I have never seen such a queue at Sainsburys to that little chore took me half an hour! Once i was on the road I started to feel the excitment and apprehension of arriving and meeting new people and of course seeing the oldies too ;) The drive was long as I hit a few patches of traffic through Kew and Mortlake. Bloody London traffic, hee hee!!

There were a few people already there so we sat at a table and chatted and gossiped about everything and nothing, and it was great to see Mary Anne and thank her personally for the great article she wrote for SI mag around my accordian folder. I had a nice room, but as I was going to be spending such a little time in there I was happy with whatever, haha.

We all got our stash out the cars and left it out in the hall until Debbie, Cherry and Al had sorted the crop rooms and alocated each crop space. So happy to have been back in the lovely room with all the lovely people!! It was then time to get settled and unpacked and head to the pub for dinner.

Which of course was YUMMY! And same as last year I ate too much and was too full up for pudding. Jules, and the wonderful Mr Ross, came through for dinner too, and it was so good to see her.

After dinner is was back to scrapping and I managed a few LOs between then and the first class on Saturday with only 4 hours sleep in between :o I did Als crazy paisley class which I loved! She has a great energy that rubs off on you if you gets too close so I very inspired at the end! Food throughout the weekend was superb.

My Saturday afternoon class was with Debbie, and as I have never done one of Debbies classes I was so looking forward to it. We made a baking tray notice board, and I just adore it and can't wait to find somewhere to hang it up although I have thought of giving it to Brendalene as I used photos of Sarah and Jessica to decorate it.

Sunday was another good day, I did Kirsty's mini envelope book class and I just love the result! It's is so tiny and scrumptious, and lickable, haha.

I didn't do quite so many LOs as I managed last year, mainly because my fellow gutter girls, Tisha, Kel, Zenia and Marja, had me laughing so hard I thought I may wet my pants. I will never look at soup the same way again!

On a sad note though, our dear friend Sally has a very ill husband and is terribly worried about him as we are of her. Sally, sending you lots of love and well wishes for Dick.

A big thanks to all for a super weekend! And I can't wait for the next one.

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