Monday, April 24, 2006

Last week started off as quiet and pretty boring, but by Thursday all hell had broken loose in the office and we had 40ish manuals to print off and no printer to print them on! The main one needed the Xerographic module changed and refused to carry on till it had, the one in the main office hadn't worked for 3 weeks and had i known I could have chased IT! Then the other 4 we have are so small and slow it would have taken a month of Sundays to get it all done.

IT, thankfully, steped in and offered to print it all in Chiswick and then send it over on Friday morning for us to hole punch and bind. SO at the end of the day it was all done and dusted. Sometimes it nice when everything goes wrong, it keeps us on our toes, lol!!

It was the UKS cyber crop and as usual Scrappybunny did a great job of organising it all. The classes, well the ones I managed to look at and do, were fab and I got some cool LOs at the end of it all.

I didn't manage to spend all weekend cropping as we had John, Brendalene and the girls over for a braai on Saturday night. We had a lovely evening and Stu did a great job of cooking!

So some of my LOs from the weekend!
Life is good - Thereslys class

Fairies - Dollys class (sorry it's so dark)

Trees celebration book, not sure what occasion to use it for yet, but no doubt something will pop up soon enough!

Ansos class - Josh.

Will upload more later today!!

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