Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bad blogger and other stuff

Ooh I didn't realise I hadn't updated my blog for so long, for this I apologise!! Um so where to start.....well the rest of the week before last wasn't too bad, and work for a change was quite busy with room hires and of course not having the onsite kitchen means we have a bit more to do with keeping the milk jug and coffee topped up.

Thursday was the end of my week as we were off for a long weekend in Scotland. We left just after the rush hour on Friday and took a slow leisurly drive up to Durham, where we were breaking our journey and having dinner with Stuart, Debbie and the was so lovely to see and spend time with them socially rather than scrapping or rc heli-ing, lol.

After breakfast on Saturday we set off again and took the scenic route up to Scotland, this took a bit longer than expected but we got there in the end, lol. Our guest house was lovely and our room luxurious even though the bathroom was the size of a closet! After dumping the bags we headed off to Maureen and Lon for lunch. It was lovely to meet them and I couldn't get over how similar Maureen and Stus dad are. Yes I know they are brother and sister but even their mannerisms are the same! And they haven't been around each other in 50 years!!

We spent the first evening in the city walking around the street performers of the festival and taking in the Edinburgh atmosphere and supper from our favourite chippy was a must!!

Sunday was spent driving around the west coast after a stop at the Falkirk Wheel. The wheel was impresive and I managed to get some great photos. The west coast isn't as pretty as the east but it was lovely to see the country side.

To find a place for supper on Sunday night we walked along George street, and then about 5 times up and down Rose street. Neither of us wanted to decide where or what to eat until enventually I couldn't handle it anymore and chose The Mussle Inn. I'm not a huge fan of fish but I do like shell food so it was a good choice! We had a bowl of mussles to start and then for mains Stu had a seafood platter and I had the goats cheese starter and a salad.

After dinner we found ourselves in Flannigans Wake (or something like that) where we enjoyed a few (too many in someones case, lol) after dinner drinks. It was a great night as they had live music and the place was rocking!!

Monday was a good day! We spent it at Edinburgh Zoo, lol. Stus cousin is the head of the bird department so we went in search of him and then had a few personal guided tours throughout the day. It is a great zoo and the best part was seeing the little lion cubs that had been born in the zoo not long ago! So cute!!

Monday night we met up with Jaffers and went to dinner at a gorgeous little Moroccan place! So lush, the food was delicious and decor devine! After taking our leave of Jen at her bus stop I got a bad attack of hayfever so we didn't stay out much longer.

Tuesday and it was time to go pack up and start making our way home :( After yet another scrumptious breakfast we packed the car and headed into town for a little shopping......i had seen a little hand bag I just HAD to have, Stu wanted some Whisky, and we also had to look in at Hector Russell the kilt makers to see if they had the tartan for Stus kilt, which they do!!

Once we were all shopped out we climbed into the landie and made our way to Maureen and Lon for a coffee and to say bye, then we were on the road again...

It was a long trip down but we took the scenic route so we saw the Yorkshire Dales, which were beautiful and lots of sheep ;)

Ordered pizza from the car when we were 15 mins from home so at least we didn't have to wait too long for dinner, lol.

It was good to be back in our own bed but just not good having to come back to work the next day. Work has been okay cause we have had loads of 3rd party courses on but still not good enough to feel secure in our jobs :(

Not much else to report other than wedding plans are finally taking shape, and we shouldn't have a mad rush right before the big day. I do feel a bit wierd getting married though, it seems such a huge step to make and even though I am very sure about it, I still feel a bit nervous. I know Stu is very nervous so I am doing my best to keep all chat light and breezy, lol.

Will update with some pics of the zoo when inspiration hits!


joanna said...

Sounds like you had a fab trip up north, Caz - very envious of your meet-ups with Debbie and Jen - and the trip to the zoo sounds wonderful with personal guided tours!

Kirsty said...

woohoo - you gotta blog. im watching you caz. your layouts are so fine and when i saw them IRL at the last Scrap Manic, well.. I was ashamed of my own stuff.

Sue said...

Wow Sounds like a wonderful trip. Looking forward to seeing some photos :)