Thursday, August 03, 2006

Not well :(

oh I feel so crap, haha, excuse the pun but I have a dicky tum (and I am a poet too), and have had it for 3 weeks. Is this okay?? I am sure it should to have stopped by now. TMI? Sorry, lol!

Okay so now i'm a little worried and think I really should go to the doctors, BUT I am not registered at a doctor. So I have to take time off work to go in and fill out a form to register, then wait 24 hours before calling for an appointment. So basically if I go tonight to fill in the form (they close at 6.30pm) the earliest I will see a doctor is next Tuesday (they close at 1pm on a Friday). I am having my hair cut tonight, well I have an appointment, which I think I have to cancel!, in order to get registered.

I did have two days off a few weeks ago, but the last thing on my mind was registering at the doctors!

Oh and today I feel Nauseous too :(

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Anonymous said...

OOOoh HUn, (((hugs))) hope you feel loads better real soon Caz, not nice feeling rough
by the way, LOVE your new banner, lovely piccy of you..xx