Monday, August 07, 2006

Last week was Round 4

of the pad/speshal comp and it's also now finished. I have remembered some great times through the weekly prompts and have got some LOs done that I wasn't sure how to scrap, so it's been fab! Again there where to categories, the first a LO based on one of the following movies, THE LOST BOYS or PRETTY IN PINK. Now I love both these movies but none of the quotes seemed to work with any photos I could think of, BUT they did get me thinking about the time of my life when the movies came out. And also about how the movies influenced my life, like my MASSIVE crush on Keifer Sutherland that started with THE LOST BOYS, lol. So I jogged my memory to think of movies I love and that I could watch over and over again and ones that had some meaning to me and changed the way I look at life, relationships and the world. Of course some are just fun but I love them all the same. Pretty plain LO, using lil davis chipboard letters, some heidi grace rub ons and my handwritting. I have also since scanning the LO thought of and added a few more ;)
The second part of the challenge was to do a LO inspired by the DURAN DURAN album titled DURAN DURAN.....I battled a littl ewith this one, but during our BBQ yesterday I managed to get this photo of Stuart and Jessica who was munching on a carrot she had just picked from Stuarts veggie patch. The song title I used was SIN OF THE CITY, and my thinking is the city is bad and the country is good, lol! Bit of a stretched interpreation! :D

I am off to register with the docs today, thanks Suzanne for your concern, you are so right I do need to be registered just in case of an emergency! But funnily enough I am feeling SO much better!


Anonymous said...

GOOD ONE! Impressed... wow gold opportunity.

Suzanne said...

Great interpretations of the themes Caz, love the sentiments of the top one and the colours of the second.

And glad to hear you've got registered, about time too!