Thursday, August 31, 2006


Cathy Zielskes new book Clean & Simple - THE SEQUEL. So much inspiaration hitting me smack on the nose and all i've done so far is page through it!! What I really love about Cathys scrapping is that she scraps emotions, something I do more and more these days too.

Events are cool and if it's a birthday, holiday, family get together etc etc then yes it needs to be scrapped as an event. But what if you just have a BBQ at home with friends, and you happen to have the camera out and get a great shot of a friend, neice, loved one.........the day in itself isn't an event or something you want to do a page about but the photo is cool and when you look at it you think about how much you love the person, how cute they are or highlights their personality! Like this LO of Jessica, it sums her up, who she is and how she is all the time, lol!

I know i've posted the LO before, but i'm just using it to make my point, hee hee.

Happy day y'all!! Oh and Debbie, inspiration hasn't hit yet!


Anam said...

it is a fab book - i love it - nearly as much as i loved the first one :)

love that layout too!

Debbie said...

Oh I'm glad you and Anam have raved about the book..I'm on rations and have debated getting it or not, now I think I shall. LOL.
Right never mind Cathy Z .. Caz I am so loving your pages - your LO's inspire me (oh dear think I'm having a Jerry Maguire moment)- need to go scrap a poser pic right NOW!