Monday, February 20, 2006

I had a lovely weekend! Stuart and I took a drive to the seaside on Saturday, I took loads of photos and it was lovely to smell the ocean again but we wern't too impressed with this coast, both prefering the seaside towns in the south.

On our way home we decided to stop off in Hitchin and have dinner. I took Stu to Zinnis, the little Italian place mom, Danni and I went to at Christmas. Had a gorgeous meal and a bottle of wine then went home and watched tv.

Sunday we had to get a few things from homebase and sainsburys in the morning then spent the rest of the day doing laundry, scrapping and watching tv. Of course Sunday means 24 and it's very exciting so far so really enjoying it.

Not much planned for the week although I relaly want to submit a few LOs to SI so I had better get on it and get them finished.

Oh and I ordered another two pairs of crocs today :o A black pair for work and a light blue pair to wear with my jeans. I love the pink and they are really funky but I think I need a calm pair too, lol. No deliveries for me today :( , waiting on the Chatterbox papers from Artbase and some bits I ordered from the US which I guess will take a little while still to get here.

39 Sleeps till ScrapManic! Getting very excited and nervous about what i'm taking, lol, I alwyas get like this thinking I either won't take enough or i'll take far too much!!

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Jules said...

40 sleeps for me then.....I know how you feel, I'm already mentally packing my backs - I am determined to be organised this time.....where's that laughter coming from????