Tuesday, February 07, 2006

No news

I hate to say it but i'm not sure I have anything to blog about..... Not much has been going on in the land of me, just a bit of scrapping, some housework and um well that's about it.

The rest of last week was quiet, but thank goodness it was a short one work wise. The weekend was also quiet, shopping on Saturdya morning for some work trousers for me. Then off to High Wycombe to a model shop to buy heli gear for Stu, unfortunatly they didn't have much so not really a worthwhile drive. But we did get around to see Mike and Chantal in their new house, it's great that they have also moved 'up north', lol.

Sunday I scrapped pretty much the whole day, until John and Brendalene and the girls came to visit in the afternoon.

So as I said not much going on in my life!

52 Sleeps till ScrapManic!!

1 comment:

Jules said...

Ooh Caz, will swap your quiet life for my manic one in an instant......I have builders back int he house and its driving me mad and its only day 2!!!!!