Thursday, February 16, 2006

My deliveries are all arriving which is so exciting!

The cat boots arrived on Tuesday - but the fit isn't great :( so I have sent them back, the shoe size was fine but they were awful tight over the arch of my foot. Oh well!!

Yesterday the two 8.2x11 albums arrived so i can start to fill them up. I think I am going to use the one as a BOM album, more all about me now than going from baby to now IYKWIM....

This morning my order from scrapbook central arrived, yummy ribbons, photo turns and two rolls of gaffer tape that I am going to use with the Daisy D's tags to make a tag book of Gram. I have loads of those little tiny photos that i must do something with and these papers are perfect Gram colours.
My crocs also arrived this morning and I am going to order a few more pairs :o Some black ones for work, and then a pair for me to wear out, maybe blue or purple or perhaps the fushia pink!! I tried then on earlier and haven't taken then off since!! Tonight I think i have to scrap them!!

The new basic grey papers are in so I am hoping my order somes tomorrow - can't wait! And then it's just my order from the US which may take a little while, perhaps it will be here by next Friday...

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Jules said...

waiting for my crocs to arrive too.......i want them all!!!