Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday again, the weekends don't half roll by quickly! We had a good one, dinner on Friday night at the curry house, YUMMY! And of course we had to wash it down with loads of wine, lol.

On Saturday we had to take a drive down into London, aarrgghh, I love the country too much now...... at least we managed to get Stu some heli stuff so he has some building to do. We were home in time for the rugby and poor Stu stressed so much for Scotland, he really does make me laugh when he watches rugby.

Sunday was very relaxed, a lovely day spent in jammies, scrapping and chilling, although I did also manage to get through a mountain of washing.

32 sleeps till ScrapManic!!

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Jules said...

nice weekend Caz.....I can't remember the last time i spent a day in my jammies.....must try and book that in my diary sometime - LOL!!!!