Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Catch up.....

So on Friday I went out at lunch to M&S to have a look at clothes, half way down our road I noticed my head and eyes felt very sore. And after some thought I realised this was possibly due to the fact I had had not seen day light since the sun went down on Sunday. Yes that means 4 whole days without seeing any day light!!

This week has been better, both Monday and Tuesday I went out at lunch, just up to the post office but at least i got out the office for a while. Today I haven't been out yet but I plan to take a little walk even if it's just around the block!

Besides turning into a mole I have no news, life is quiet, and even quieter on the scrapping front. I am dying to have a scrap day again, where I can veg out in my pajamas and just scrap.

Ooh actually I just remembered I have next Monday and Tuesday off, besides an inspection from the estate agents and a trip to collect the car I have no other plans so I may have two scrappy days coming up!

I have been debating having a trip to SA in July, I know it's winter but as i'm thinking of Durban rather than Cape Town, it really doesn't matter what time of year I go, cause it's bound to be warmer than here, lol. If I go in the school holidays I will get lots of quality time with the girls which I so need. Well i'll keep thinking about it, guess I need to make sure I have the money first.

Roll on Friday!

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