Thursday, January 19, 2006

It almost the weekend!! Wahoo!! Sleep in and relax time.....

So this week is nearly over and i have achieved nothing! No scrapping done, very little housework (just a few loads of washing) what a waste! I really must try harder to maximise the time I have in the evenings and actually get stuff done!

So now for some exciting and good news! Danni and Mick are getting married!! Well he still has to ask uncle George, but as he has been given a heads up from Danni I shouldn't think the shock will make him say no, lol.

I am so excited cause we can plan together, although neither of us is going to have a big wedding, with loads of people cause all our family is in SA and i'm getting married here and her in Oz but we can still be excited together! (and nervous!)

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