Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Oh boy.....

I got home last to Stuart taking the hot water tap off the bath, well he had been at it an hour and only just managed to get it off. So tonight we battle with the cold and then hopefully get the new taps on.

In the meantime we get to bath in the basin! Thank goodness all my house guests have gone, not sure mom would have fancied doing the facecloth bath thing! I have to laugh though cause I was so not expecting it and so looking forward to a soak in the bath, but hey ho what can you do. I'm just thankful he knows what he's doing!

I have the cutest photos of Hayden and Byron playing with bubbles that I started to scrap last night, am doing a father and son themed LO rather than the event of playing with bubbles. Using Daisy D's patterned paper, and having a go at one of their file folders too! Loving how it is turing out so far, just hope I get a chance to do some more tonight, in between the plumbing, lol.

I am planning a major embellishment clear out soon too. Well not so much a clear out as a tidy up! I have two great plastic sets of drawers that Debbie gave me, but I am just not using them efficiently enough. So I will restack them, as you can change the drawers around, and get it all tidied up and repacked. It may also shock me to realise just how much I have!

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