Wednesday, January 25, 2006

ScrapManic 5

Debbie started our chat thread yesterday and of course I had to count the sleeps, which are 65 by the way!! One of the people I met there last year, >Jules wasn't going to be able to make it this time and I have been really sad about it cause I think she is fab and I really wanted her to come.

Anyway, she has just sweet talked her husband into 'allowing' her to come and I am just so happy i'm fit to burst! And of course Scrapdolly is going, haven't seen her since Bonanza last April, and now Kirsty may also come and oh I would love to see her madness again.

And I think I need to go lie down....


Jules said...

I'm so glad I'm going too!!! I can't wait to see you again - I could do with a good giggle with someone who's on my wavelength :)

Sally said...

Caz can't wait to see you again! We had such a blast last year. Keep counting those days!