Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Years Resolutions

I don't think I have ever made a new years resolution and I know the chances of me actually sticking to them are very remote!! But this year I need to make a few, well they're not really resolutions, more positive changes. Now I know i'm a little late cause aren't you supposed to have all this done on old years eve?? But anyway here we go......

1. Make a huge effort to be financially stable.....if I am going to have any chance at all of having a baby, I need to be able to go on maternity leave and still be able to survive!
2. Be nicer, something I included in my 'one fine day' ScrapManic IV cj that i'm not great a keeping to and I hope to make more of an effort in 2006. Tell Stu I love him more often, be more tolerant of people and not tut at the little old ladies who walk slowly in front of me and most important - smile more!
3. Diet.....this should actually be on top of the list as it's the most important. It will impact directly on having a baby and I don't want to be a fat bride! Now I actually go on diet every Monday and by Wednesday, if I make it to then at all, it's already slipping and i'm back to eating rubbish. When I gave up smoking I said "Monday's the day, no cigarettes from the minute I wake up" and viola that was it, I gave up smoking, just like that. So why the hell can't I do that with a diet?

Scrapping related
1. Stash diet.....details are already posted below, and impact on number 1 above.
2. Get published well actually I have managed to get myself published in SI magazine although not till the March/April issue but I hope to be able to do a lot more.
3. Become a better scrapper, my head is bursting with ideas and I need to find the courage to put it all on paper and not be worried about it looking rubbish. You won't know till you try!!

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Jules said...

Don't forget Caz, when you stop smoking you can cut it out completely - unfortunately with food, you have to eat everyday to survive which makes it harder - if i could cut it out completely I'd do it no bother........good luck with all your resolutions!!