Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Short week

Thank goodness for bank holidays, a 4 day week is just what I need! I am so not enjoying being back at work after the holidays and could quite easily book the rest of the week off......

So mom flies back to SA tonight, it's gone quick and the house will sure be quiet again. She has managed to get loads of LOs done while here and has also managed to go through some of my stash, lol.

I am on a self imposed spending ban again as I have booked ScrapManic V and can't really afford it if I keep buying stash.

So my rules are:

1. I will only replace patterned paper, not add to my already too large collection!
2. I will continue to buy cardstock only if i actually scrap, ie replace as apposed to add to!
3. If I manage to finish my 1 million letters (metal, wood, chipboard and any other variety I may have picked up along the way) I can replace SOME NOT ALL!
4. My mag subs:-
Scrapbook Magic will continue and I will renew when it expires
The scrapbook magazine will continue and i won't renew when it expires
Scrapbook inspirations i will continue to buy unless I can get a sub for my birthday from OH
5. The passion for primas HAS to stop!
6. Ribbon can be replaced, again NOT added to.
7. glue is allowed.
8. It is essential I clear out 'un-usables' and sell them.
9. I will wait to hear scrap magics kit info before deciding whether I want to subscribe to monthly kits.

Wish me luck!!

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